Dylan Smith


Dylan began to play drums when he was thirteen years of age. His parents bought him a drum kit after relentless banging on whatever objects he could find.

He then began to take private lessons with Kirk Fong, who taught him the basics. It was summer of his fourteenth year when he was approached by a school mate who asked him to come drum with some friends. This group became known as Faster Than Tommy and then Adistin, which was a pop-punk quartet and melodic metal quartet respectively. They played local all age shows at a few clubs around town and recorded a demo, a live album and a full length. The full length never saw the light of day as Dylan quit the band and began taking on the blues as his next musical endeavor. After a while of jamming around town with no real success Dylan then decided to go seek some education. He went to Grant Macewan University in Edmonton where he studied many styles of music including jazz, rock/pop, latin and orchestral. After 2 years there he received a Diploma in Jazz Performance. Dylan now resides in Saskatoon where he plays with the Marc Holt Quintet, local blues/rock group Flathead, as well as an afro-beat octet called The Population.

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